LeAnn Rimes Wondering: Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater?

leann rimes worries about eddie cibrian cheating

LeAnn Rimes is getting very candid in her interviews these days! I’m starting to get a better sense of some of the anxiety that led her to enter a 30-day treatment program over the summer. When asked if LeAnn was worried that her husband, Eddie Cibrian, would ever cheat on her, she said:

“I would be ignorant to say, and everyone else would think I am a liar if I didn’t say yes, and I have at times. Speaking for him, I would actually say that’s creeped into his [mind]…I think we’ve been very honest and open with that to each other and our conversations about it have only made me understand how much he actually cares, as much as I do, about being faithful to each other.”

LeAnn also said she’s even had thoughts of suicide in dealing with all the fallout from her relationship with Eddie.

“Of course, I think anybody could. I think any smart person would know that it is always a possibility that you could always get that sad and deep. I worried that was a possibility [but] I know I would never.”

I’m glad LeAnn was willing to get help! Ultimately, none of this drama is worth her life.







  1. sam says

    When hasn’t Leann been “candid” in her interviews? Does anyone ever fact check anymore? Leann didn’t spend 30 days in rehab, based on her own tweets, staged photo-ops, and what she told People mag before she went into treatment she only spent 2 weeks. If she would lie about how many days she spent in “rehab”, then you have to wonder what else she is lying about. Leann didn’t go to rehab. How do we know? Leann couldn’t even spend 5 days in Cabo without calling the paps, so if she was in rehab, she would have made sure that there were photos. “Rehab” was either a spa or a fertility clinic. The media is just showing how easily manipulated they can be. Leann got fallout not because of the affair, but the mean and nasty things she did. Like stalking Eddie’s wife using the WEWENLOVE twitter account. Leann is only being “candid” because Eddie’s ex-mistress, Scheana is on a reality tv. Which means Leann went to the press because she as afraid that Scheana was going to reveal something about Eddie and Leann’s marriage that Leann doesn’ want anyone to know. Leann is feeding the media the sob story about suicide because everything else failed to do the trick. Why is anyone even feeling sorry for Leann after what she said and did to Carly Rose? Why didn’t she get sad or deep when she tried to blame the child for poor performance on XFactor?