Nicole Kidman: I Respect My Children And Scientology

I don’t want to be a pessimist here, but anything connected to Scientology has me raising an eyebrow. Actress Nicole Kidman, who has had very little contact with her children Connor and Bella since her divorce from Tom Cruise, says that regardless of their beliefs, she respects them and their religion in the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter. Here are some other highlights from her interview. What do you guys think?

Respects The Scientology Beliefs of Her Children With Cruise, Connor and Isabella

It’s pointed out to her that a recent issue (Jan. 16) of THR contains an excerpt from Going Clear, the new book on Scientology by Pulitzer Prize winner Lawrence Wright, in which her divorce from Cruise is blamed on the “cult” religion and heavily referred to. “I’ll bet it is,” she says to a reporter before quickly looking at something else in the issue. “My eye is going to a dress here — that’s how interested I am in this.” “I’ve chosen not to speak publicly about Scientology. I have two children [adopted with Cruise] who are Scientologists — Connor [the Red Dawn actor is now 17] and Isabella [20] — and I utterly respect their beliefs.”  Vanity Fair’s Scientology exposé and Wright’s book both claim the Church turned them against her — something she’ll neither confirm nor deny. It’s maybe the one place this very purposefully open actress won’t go.

Legs Became Bruised From Filming Rough Sex Scenes in The Paperboy

When Director Lee Daniels asked if she was getting hurt when filming rough sex scenes for The Paperboy, she shrugged him off, wanting to keep working. “The next day,” he recalls, “Nic showed up with purple and blue bruises all over her legs! I said, ‘You crazy bitch — go put some makeup on your legs!’ ”

Won’t Accept Free Clothes, Claims It Would Be Tacky

“Never would I take free clothes,” she says, turning up her famous nose. “That would be so … tacky. These people work so hard to make beautiful things — you have to appreciate that.”

Questions What It Means To Be A Movie Star And Confesses That She No Longer Associates with Mainstream Film 

“My heart is independent,” she says. “I come from Australia, I was trained in indie movies. It’s an unconscious decision — it’s who I am. As an actor, you live and die by your choices. I don’t associate with mainstream films anymore. I don’t do so well in them, either. I guess I have a foot in both worlds. I’ve been offered some studio films this year and turned them down. They just didn’t align with who I am.”

“I actually don’t even know what a movie star is now — what is a movie star?” she muses. “When the best female part of the year is Claire Danes in Homeland, you know the game’s changed. Maybe in the ’50s, there was a far more particular idea for a movie star. But now that’s all blurry — everything’s more fluid.”

Doesn’t Find Her Paperboy Film Pee Scene Shocking 

“I just don’t find urination shocking,” Kidman declares matter­ of factly. “I think I peed in the beginning of Eyes Wide Shut, too. But then, I don’t find a lot of things shocking! Violence is a lot more shocking than sex — sex is primal.” Clearly, her director felt the same way. “Lee had an obsession about shooting me from behind — he was obsessed with my ass! To me, that was so funny — he’s hilarious, I love him. I’m drawn to Lee for his wild nature. I felt shy singing in Moulin Rouge! — but peeing — no, not shy.”

On Her Life In Nashville 

“I’m just a nice Southern girl,” she says with, perhaps, a touch of tease. “It’s such an easy lifestyle. And it’s more diverse than you’d expect. There’s so much great music. The Black Keys go jogging past the restaurant Keith and I go to. We’ll hang out with Jack White in the studio. And there’s music in our house all the time — Keith plays harmonica, drums, banjo, piano and bass guitar. He has a strong will about his career, and so do I. We want each other to thrive and do what we love, and we never interfere in the other’s career choices.”

Photos via The Hollywood Reporter

Annalynne McCord Looks Hot On The ‘90210’ Set

I swear, AnnaLynne McCord is one of the most photogenic actresses in Hollywood. There is not a picture out there that she doesn’t look good in (even when she’s not trying!). The hot television star was spotted filming a few new scenes on the set of “90210” in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday afternoon.

She looks gorgeous in that strapless dress, doesn’t she? Take a look below and let us know what you think.


Photos via FameFlynet

Ellie Goulding Leaves Her Miami Hotel

Thanks to Ellie Goulding, the song “Lights” has been in my head for about six months now, LOL. In fact, each time I see a picture of her, I can’t help but think of the song! The British chart topper was spotted leaving her hotel in Miami, Fla. on Wednesday afternoon.

She looks cute in her knit hat, doesn’t she? Let’s hope this talented new singer doesn’t become a one-hit wonder. Take a look at our photo gallery below and let us know what you think!


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Afternoon Links With Emma Rigby

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NeNe Leakes Flashes A Mega-Watt Smile

nene leakes flashes a smile

I can see why NeNe Leakes is flashing a mega-watt smile for the paparazzi. The ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star has a lot to smile about these days! She’s making the transition from reality TV to scripted TV with her role on ‘The New Normal.’ NeNe’s also engaged to ex-husband Greg.

NeNe’s even on the cover of Ebony magazine. Some people may not be happy about her success, but you know NeNe’s not going to let some haters get her down. Why should she? Life is great for her: smile away!



Holly Madison In The Doghouse With Her Homeowners’ Association

holly madison in doghouse with hoa

It sounds like Holly Madison’s Homeowners’ Association where she currently lives in Las Vegas don’t view Holly as the sweet, innocent girl next door. Holly’s life-size doghouse has become such a point of contention, she’s decided to move.

“We’re selling this house. We thought of renting it, but we’re finished here. The HOA (homeowners association) here is so bad, I don’t even want to deal with them. They’ve come after me about the dumbest things. Sometimes it’s things that don’t even apply to the rules.

“I built this ridiculous, human-sized doghouse behind my house, and when I went over it with my contractor, he consulted the HOA on all their restrictions and whatnot. They keep fining me for having it painted pink. It’s a hundred dollars a month, or something like that. I haven’t been paying it. I just keep sending them nasty letters.”

Holly said the doghouse can’t be seen from the street and is a “temporary structure,” so it falls outside of their jurisdication. If the doghouse (which, I have to admit, doesn’t sound like the greatest thing to look at) isn’t visible from the street, then it doesn’t seem like it should bother anyone. I’ve heard some real horror stories about HOAs, however. It’s probably for the best that Holly’s moving: she doesn’t need this stress with a baby on the way!




What Question Flustered Rihanna So Much She Ended The Interview?

rihanna flustered over chris brown questions

Everyone’s been talking about Rihanna’s SEVEN Complex magazine covers. But it turns out the interview was just as interesting. As expected, Rihanna was asked about her ongoing musical collaborations with Chris Brown as well as the status of their relationship. Now despite the tweets and Instagram pics and their public outings, Rihanna’s still telling interviewers it’s like the title of her song: ‘Nobody’s Business.’ The interviewer for Complex asked what seems like- to me- a perfectly reasonable follow-up question, which was:

 If her relationship with Brown is truly nobody’s business, then why make a record about it?

Here’s Rihanna’s reaction, according to the article:

Her voice, usually warm and cut with chuckles, turns cold. “Pardon me?” she replies, her eyebrow slightly raised. Even after the question is repeated, she hesitates to answer. The hands that moved up and down throughout the conversation, suddenly fall flat. “It’s the truth. Remember?” she says, turning toward the other side of the table to gather her belongings. As she gets up to leave, she adds: “It’s a fun record that The-Dream wrote and we loved the lyrics. You’re still asking me questions about it so clearly you don’t know.”

Personally, that’s the question I’ve been DYING to ask. I’m truly shocked no one apparently prepped Rihanna on how to respond to that question. Then again, it could be as the writer finished up the article speculated:

Maybe she doesn’t know either.

Do you think the interviewer crossed the line?