Is Britney Spears About To Go BIG In Las Vegas?

britney spears negotiating to be a las vegas headliner

Many people flock to Las Vegas hoping to strike it rich in a casino. Britney Spears might actually succeed, but it won’t be at the casino tables. Instead, Britney is poised to become the new big act in Vegas! TMZ reports that three hotels are bidding on the former ‘X Factor’ judge to become their new headliner.

Britney was in serious negotiations with one of the Caesars properties to perform several nights a week on a regular basis, as well as make regular appearances at several clubs and pool events.  Well, we just found out … since we posted our story two other properties — at least one not associated with Caesars — have thrown their hat in the ring.

…sources connected with the negotiations tell us … Britney could get $100 mil a year and maybe more.  That’s what Celine Dion made and Britney could be an even bigger draw.

$100 million. A YEAR. And we were wondering why Britney would ask ‘X Factor’ for a $3 million raise! With the type of money Britney stands to make in Vegas, I’m sure her attitude is “‘X Factor’- what?”


Photos by Nikki Nelson/WENN