Leann Rimes Wants To End Her Feud With Brandi Glanville

For Leann Rimes, it looks like enough is enough. According to the country crooner, she is ready to move on with her feud with Brandi Glanville for the sake of her two stepsons, Mason and Jake.

Leann tells ET: “My heart overflows with love for those two boys, and also because they’re my husband’s children, I look at them and they are two little spitting images of my husband. They’re with us half the time — I am never going to let a child walk into my house and not feel the love that they feel at their mom’s house . . . I’m going to be a part of that love, that intense love.”

The Spitfire singer adds optimistically: “I hope we can work it out. Life would be a lot calmer for everyone.”

To be honest with you, I agree with Leann. For now, Leann is in their life, and Brandi might as well just deal with it the best she can. I’m sure that all of this back and forth nonsense is really hurting the kids the most here.


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  1. sam says

    Does anyone ever fact check anymore? Leann wants to end her fued with Brandi, yet she uses ET as a platform to bash Brandi. If Leann truly wanted peace with Brandi, why is she STILL talking about Brandi’s kids after she was fully aware of how Brandi felt when Leann brought up the kids in her E! interview? I don’t understand why the media is always so naive when it comes to Leann, especially when all of this can easily be disproved by looking at Leann’s timeline. Leann tweets to a woman who bashess Brandi like crazy, sometimes Leann even tells that woman that she loves her. And the media wants to tell us that Leann has had enough, wants to end the fued with Brandi, and love Brandi’s kids? Look at Leann’s words, she can’t even say that the kids belong to Brandi and Eddie. Why keep insisting that Brandi move on when it’s LEANN RIMES who is shoving this down Brandi’s throat every single day? Leann gave this exclusive interview to ET, saying even more inappropriate things about why she decided to sleep with Eddie. Why tell Brandi to move on when it’s Leann who told ET that her body wouldn’t let her stop sleeping with another woman’s husband?

  2. sam says

    Leann is wrong. Please check out Leann’s twitter timeline because what Leann says in these interviews IS NOT what she is practicing on twitter or her fan website. Even today one of her fans tweeted that he told Brandi off and Leann responded to that person by saying “Bless you all”. Leann shouldn’t be in those kids life. The things that Leann does is dangerous.