Want Jennifer Aniston’s Glowing Skin? Learn Her Secrets!

jennifer aniston partners with aveeno for skincare line

Want skin that glows like Jennifer Aniston’s? I certainly do! Jennifer’s going to tell you how. She’s partnered with Aveeno. Jennifer’s rep told E! News.

“We can confirm that Jennifer Aniston will be partnering with Aveeno for skincare. You can expect to see the results of this collaboration later this year.”

I’m already a fan of Aveeno’s products, so I’m going to have an eye out to see what they come up with! Are you interested?




People Aren’t Drawn To A Catfight? ‘American Idol’ Premiere Ratings Down

american idol premiere ratings down

Did you watch the season premiere of ‘American Idol‘ last night? I admit, I did. It turns out not as many people tuned in for the much-hyped catfight between new judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj as FOX may have hoped. ‘American Idol’s’ ratings were down last night.

Entertainment Weekly reports ‘American Idol’ drew 17.9 million viewers and a 6.0 among adults in the 18-49 demo. That’s a 19% decrease from last year’s opening, which had been the lowest one ever for the show. I think it’s easy to forget, however, that in its prime, ‘American Idol’ was a juggernaut. It absolutely dominated the winter TV season. That couldn’t last forever, no matter how often you bring in new judges. But for those of you who did watch, what did you think? Something tells me we’re going to see even more tension between Mariah and Nicki in future episodes. For what it’s worth, I thought Mariah, Nicki, and Keith Urban did a good job judging!



Hot New Trailer: Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez & James Franco In ‘Spring Breakers’

spring breakers trailer

Looks like ‘Spring Breakers‘ did, indeed, get a distribution deal in the United States! It’s scheduled release is March 22. Yep, that’s spring break time. Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, and James Franco star in this movie, along with Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine. This looks like a tale of some girls’ spring break gone seriously awry.

I barely recognize James between the corn rows and the teeth! He really got into character here. I’m not sure ‘Spring Breakers’ is for me, however. Preteens and teens will probably love it. Okay, now I just made myself sound old- LOL. How does ‘Spring Breakers’ look to you?

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Is Jamie Lynn Spears Getting Ready To Tie The Knot?

is jamie lynn spears engaged and planning a wedding?

We haven’t gotten “official” word from a rep, but I’m willing to trust this one. Jamie Lynn Spears reportedly is planning to tie the know with her boyfriend, Jamie Watson. Why do I trust this story? Because of what Jame W. told the New York Post about their wedding:

“I asked her the other night what the h*ll is taking so long. But she’s really particular about her stuff. She’s trying to do it right because she knows people will be watching.”

Well, if the groom is saying this, then I trust it! One thing that may be causing a delay is Britney Spears’ recent split from Jason Trawick. Jamie may want to give her big sister a little bit of time to adjust before having her own wedding. But can’t you just see it monogrammed everywhere: “Jamie & Jamie”?




Khloe Kardashian Puts Her Baby Plans On Hold

khloe kardashian puts baby plans on hold

Poor Khloe. Whether you’re a fan of the Kardashians or not, you have to feel badly for the youngest Kardashian sister. Khloe made no secret of the fact she wanted a baby with husband Lamar Odom, and she even started fertility treatments. Now her oldest sister, Kourtney, has had two kids, and her sister Kim Kardashian is pregnant. Kim told E! News Khloe’s decided to put her plans to have a baby on hold.

“[Khloe] texted me the other day that thank god it’s me, not her. She’s not sure if she’s ready. It’s funny, you know, you think you want something so badly, then I think she kind of realized, ‘I have time. I’m 28. I’m good.’ I’ve read that ‘she’s devastated’ and things like that, and none of it’s true.”

Although Khloe hasn’t discussed her baby plans publicly, she did take to her blog to address the rumors about marital problems with Lamar in a post titled “Enough is Enough.”

“I’m happily married to a wonderful man and fall in love with him more and more each day, and we’ll have a baby when god wants us to and when the time is right. These blatant lies are distasteful and shameless.”

It sounds like Khloe has a great attitude about everything. Good for her!





Lady Gaga Was Ready To Shake It For Charlie Sheen

lady gaga offered to do a striptease for charlie sheen

OMG! Charlie Sheen may be generous, but he can also share the craziest stories. Lady Gaga makes her acting debut in ‘Machete Kills’ with Charlie. He said Lady Gaga asked if she could do a raunchy striptease for him.

“We didn’t share any scenes but I actually spoke to her on the phone. She wanted me to do a music video with her that was going to be the first X-rated video. It’s her going to this strip club, with Britney Spears or somebody, and they’re dancers and I’m the customer. And she wanted to do a full striptease as a lap dance for me, and she told me, ‘If there’s one person that should receive this X-rated lap dance, it’s you.’ I was so flattered, but we never spoke again.”

Now THAT would’ve been a memorable experience for Charlie! Oh well. He’s not lacking for memorable experiences. Charlie also shared his strategy for keeping his love life “fresh.”

“I’ve been trying to pull off the multi-girlfriend thing and it doesn’t really work. It is tough. But it’s an experiment I’m not done trying. I think it keeps everything fresh, and as a guy, you explore your appetite.”

I’ll let Charlie’s words speak for themselves ;).



A Suave Andy Cohen Explains To GQ Why Straight Men Love His Shows, Too

andy cohen gq

Doesn’t Andy Cohen look sharp here for GQ? Love this picture! In addition to this suave photoshoot, Andy also chatted with the magazine about why straight guys love his show, ‘Watch What Happens Live,’ his “Bravolebrities” and one woman who could turn him straight.

On straight men watching his show, Watch What Happens Live: “Yesterday, for example, I volunteered at Cantor Fitzgerald, did this 9/11 charity day. And I walked onto the trading floor, which is like being in the locker room of a football team or something—there’s a lot of testosterone. And every one of those guys knew who I was and had watched my show. I said this the other night on the show; I basically spoke directly to the straight men. ‘I know you’re watching. I met you on my book tour. You come up to me everywhere I go. And I’ve figured out why you like me: I show a bunch of boobs and asses and good-looking women. I get your wives and girlfriends playing drinking games. I get ’em wound up, I get ’em drunk, and just when they’re at the point where… I’m off the air.’ ”

On his relationship with the “Bravolebrities” and his audience: “I feel a weird kinship with them, ’cause I actually feel responsible,” he says. On-air, Andy is skilled at maintaining a legit allegiance to his Housewives—and all guests, more generally—while simultaneously winking at the audience. “I think on my show or at the reunions, I can sense if the camera’s on me, and if they’re getting my response. And I feel like through my expressions, it’s fairly clear what I’m thinking. But at the end of the day, first and foremost, I’m always an enthusiast.”

On the one woman that could turn him straight: “Jenny McCarthy was the one I thought could turn me straight. I thought that if I could just get my shot with her, it could happen.”

I’m sure Jenny will be flattered when she hears this! You can read Andy’s entire interview, including his love for the St. Louis Cardinals, in the February issue of GQ, available on newsstands January 22.