Which Male Celeb Is Popular With The Ladies But Even More So With The Agents? (Celeb Blind Item)

celebrity blind item

Something tells me we see a lot of this guy. Here’s the goss:

Nice young man, good looking, loads of fans and making millions faster than he can get to the bank. What a busy boy! He has had so many dates and girlfriends it’s a wonder he has time for his art.

He’s gone through a parade of lovelies who can’t resist his charm or maybe the chance for a bit of publicity. However popular he is with the girls, he’s far more so with their agents. Like a few other showbiz escorts, he’s on a secret list to be called upon for dates with wannabe models and actresses… not to mention female stars who might have something to keep hidden.

Any guesses? I have a couple…

– Item from The Morton Report