Quote Of The Day – LeAnn Rimes On How Often She Has Sex With Eddie Cibrian

“Have you seen him?  Sex is whatever time. Any time of the day. Whenever he wants it.”

LeAnn, speaking to Entertainment Tonight’s Nancy O’Dell about whether she and husband Eddie Cibrian are going to try for children or not (not right now). But clearly they’re enjoying practicing:)


Source, Photos by KM/FameFlynet Pictures







  1. sam says

    Again why does the media fall for Leann’s lies when her own tweets and staged photo-ops contradict what she says? How are they having sex at any time of the day when all Leann does is tweet? Eddie doesn’t even like the way Leann looks, which means he sleeps with Leann because he is a paid gigolo. He gives her sex and in return she buys him expensive gifts and takes him and his friends on all those trips. Once again it’s funny how some media outlets are telling Brandi to move on when Leann is putting out things like this. It’s obvious to everyone that Leann just said this to save face because her is cheating on her.