Lady GaGa Shops At Kitson Kids


Ok, two things are going on in these pics, here. Either Lady Gaga is playing mind games with us again by pretending that she’s pregnant or she’s shopping for some really cool younger cousins of hers. The chart topper was spotted shopping at Kitson Kids while she was out and about in Los Angeles, Calif. on Monday afternoon.

And now that I’m thinking about it, perhaps she was just shopping for a few new XS t-shirts for herself? You just never know what goes on in the mind of Lady G! Take a look below and let us know what you think.


Photos via FameFlynet


Britney Spears Shops In Thousand Oaks


Talk about a great way to spend your day! Chart topper Britney Spears was spotted on a little shopping trip while she was out and about in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Monday afternoon.

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that we’ve been seeing more pics of Britney out and about ever since she ended her engagement with Jason Trawick? Hmmm…. It seemed like we rarely saw her out along while she was engaged for the past few years. What do you guys think? Is this the beginning of a new Britney? Or perhaps it’s the old Britney coming out of her shell again…


Photos via FameFlynet


Miranda Kerr Stops By The Nail Salon


It looks like this mama is about to have a afternoon of pampering all to herself. Supermodel and supermom Miranda Kerr was spotted heading to a nail salon while she was out and about in Los Angeles, Calif. on Monday afternoon.

Talk about a relaxing way to spend your afternoon, right? Lucky gal! Take a look at our photo gallery below and tell us, how often do you treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure? I’ll admit that I don’t go as often as I should!


Photos via FameFlynet

Demi Moore Hits The Gym With A Friend


It looks like this star is about to get her workout on! Hollywood actress Demi Moore was spotted hitting the gym with a friend while the two were out and about in Los Angeles, Calif. on Monday afternoon.

I have to say, Demi is looking pretty good in these pics, isn’t she? Take a look at our photo gallery below and let us know what you think. For 50, she is looking GREAT if you ask me.


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Michael Polish Shoves An Autograph Hound Away From Kate Bosworth


Yikes! If you’re a big Kate Bosworth fan and you want to get her autograph at an airport, you might just be out of luck. Kate’s fiance Michael Polish was spotted pretty much shoving a fan out of the way as he was trying to get Kate’s autograph while the two were making their way through the airport in Salt Lake City on Monday afternoon.

I guess the two of them were just not in the mood to be giving out their signatures! They are currently in town to attend the Sundance Film Festival. Check out our photo gallery below and let know what you think.


Photos via FameFlynet


A Guide To Justin Bieber’s Tattoo’s!


Wow, Justin Bieber has definitely accumulated a lot of ink on his body over his 18 years, with his latest tattoo being added just last week. And if you’ve ever wondered just how many tattoo’s Justin has and what they represent, have no fear because Celebuzz put together an awesome guide to JB’s tats!

According to Celebuzz,  JB just got his 11th tattoo, which were  a set of Roman numerals inked on his right collarbone.  The Roman numerals for 1975 were permanently added to Justin’s chest with many assuming that they represent the birth year of his mom, Pattie Mallette.

I don’t know about you but all these young singers getting all these tattoo’s kind of worries me! I hope they won’t regret them when they’re older!  Check out Celebuzz’s cool infographic below for all the info on Justin’s ink.



Who’s That Girl? It’s Zooey Deschanel!

Exclusive... Zooey Deschanel Brings Treats To Her Horse

Are you a fan of ‘New Girl‘?  It’s one of my guilty pleasures – I love that show!  I think I love it mostly for Schmidt, but the entire cast is pretty hilarious.  New Girl star Zooey Deschanel was spotted out yesterday in LA visiting a local stable.

Zooey was visiting the stable to bring some snacks to her horse.  The funny lady was almost unrecognizable with her hair pulled back, a pair of black leggings, Uggs, a polo shirt and cardigan.  It’s odd to see her without her thick bangs on her face.   I like her with her hair back, though.