Did Drew Barrymore’s Mother Attend Her Wedding?

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It’s no secret that Drew Barrymore and her mother have had some rough patches. Drew’s mom, Jaid, was her daughter’s manager when Drew was a child. After Drew got out of rehab as a teen, she went to court to get legally emancipated. I hoped they’d patched things up, but it doesn’t sound like they did. Drew told Oprah Winfrey in an interview for ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ that her mother didn’t attend her wedding.

“She was not there actually, which was really hard. We both discussed it and thought it would be best. We really spoke about it — that’s where I feel like a grownup, with my mom.”

Jaid hadn’t met her new granddaughter, either, at the time of the interview. Drew explained:

“We’ve only been in Los Angeles, we haven’t traveled with [Olive] yet.”

Well, we see they’re in NYC now. I don’t know where Jaid lives, but perhaps she’s going to meet Olive soon? It’s sad things turned out this way.