Kim Kardashian Dresses To Impress At Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 - Stephane Rolland Arrivals

Kim Kardashian showed up looking sleek at the Stephane Rolland Spring/Summer 2013 Haute-Couture show for Paris Fashion Week. This outfit is more toned down than her usual, more form-fitting, looks. What do you think of Kim’s Fashion Week outfit? I’m a fan of the cape, for one!

I’m surprised Kanye West didn’t come with her. He likes fashion as much as he does, and I‘ve seen him at other Paris Fashion Week shows. Maybe he met her inside? That or he had some kind of meeting and couldn’t make it to this show. I’m curious to see Kim’s maternity fashion. Are you?






  1. Lacreshia Petekcreshia says

    I’m really not a Kim fan but since shes been with Kanya, she’s really growing up. I contribute that solely to Kanya. I think because of this relationship, she has the potential to become a shining star. DUMP YOUR MOTHER MANAGER!!!!!! She has no ones interest but her own at heart. I’m sorry, she is a total negative to the future of all her childrens best interest.