Lindsay Lohan Is A Serious Actress: No ‘Dancing With The Stars’ For Her

Lindsay Lohan At The Nozomi Restaurant In London

Lindsay Lohan may be having some serious financial problems, between the IRS seizing her bank accounts and owing at least one attorney over $300,000, but she still has standards. That’s reportedly why Lindsay turned down a $550,000 offer to do ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ TMZ explains:

Sources close to Lindsay tell us, the actress was made several offers to join the DWTS cast this upcoming season — offers that maxed out at $550,000.

But Lindsay — who still owes hundreds of thousands in back taxes — shut them down, telling friends she’d never consider doing reality TV … she wants to stick to films.

But there’s one problem — after “The Canyons” fiasco, she’s basically made herself unhireable. And as the saying goes, beggars can’t be choosers.

A rep for DWTS tells us, “We don’t comment on casting.”

At this point, if Lindsay could actually stick to the rigorous rehearsal schedule and perform weekly, she would probably impress a lot of people! And a paycheck is a paycheck. We’re not talking illegal activities here! Do you think Lindsay should do ‘Dancing with the Stars’?


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  1. IsaBella says

    She can’t stay sober long enough to commit to anything longer than a day. Besides, she would have to be sober and committed for a few weeks. Having to get up and really work at soemthing, other than spreading her legs or open her mouth – wide. Why she would be offored a chsance is beyond me. that show must really be “hard up”. Probably can’t dance without a pole.

  2. IsaBella says

    Lets see – leann rimes, are they related? Hollywood is going to hell in a hand basket.