Ryan Phillippe Works On His Fitness

Exclusive... Ryan Phillippe Leaving The Gym

And all that work definitely looks like it’s paying off!  We don’t see a lot of Ryan Phillippe out and about, but when we do we like it when it’s gym pictures!  The actor was spotted leaving the gym in West Hollywood today looking like he might have a few more stresses to work out!  That or he just wasn’t too thrilled to see the paparazzi!

Ryan left the gym in his white tank top and shorts and showed off his considerable tattoo’s. I had no idea he had so much ink!  Ryan hasn’t been on the big screen much but he has a new project called Shreveport that he wrote, directed and is starring in currently in pre-production.  Busy guy!




Jennifer Lopez Greets Fans On Her Way To The Premiere Of ‘Parker’

Jennifer Lopez Heads To The Premiere Of 'Parker'

It’s premiere night for Jennifer Lopez, and the actress was spotted by some fans as she left her hotel.  Jennifer is heading out the premiere of her new movie Parker, co-starring Jason Statham, and she stopped to pose for pictures with waiting fans.  I’ve said this before, but I really love when celebrities do that!

Jennifer looks beautiful even though we can’t see her dress, but I’m sure it’s stunning!  And check out that bling!  I haven’t seen Jennifer’s beau Casper out with her lately though. I wonder if he’s going to miss the premiere or if he’ll meet her there later?



Hot Guy Of The Day – Joe Manganiello

Exclusive... Joe Manganiello Out And About With A Mystery Woman

Oh my, it has been way too long since we’ve seen pictures of our favourite werewolf, don’t you think?  Joe Manganiello pictures always make a day better!  The True Blood star was looking casual in jeans, a tee and shades as he made his way out and about in LA today.

Joe was seen out with a new mystery woman too.  Last we heard he was dating French actress Veronique-Sophie Lazoore, but this woman doesn’t look like her.   Whoever she is, she’s one lucky lady!  I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the next season of True Blood to start so that I can get a weekly dose of Alcide!



QOTD: Lena Dunham Criticizes Rihanna’s Life Choices

Celebrities At The Late Show With David Letterman


“Fame is an amazing thing and it’s a platform that you have to take seriously. Which is why sometimes, it’s like, I used to be really into Rihanna, that pop star, and then it’s like — again, I don’t want to ever throw stones from my glass house — but I follow her on Instagram and I just think about how many little girls beyond what I could even comprehend are obsessed with Rihanna.”

“Like, you know, she left Barbados, she’s had this amazing career, she’s won a Grammy. She’s talented. And then she gets back together with Chris Brown and posts a million pictures of them smoking marijuana together on a bed. And it cracks my heart in half in a way that makes me feel like I’m 95 years old.”

Lena Dunham speaking to Alec Baldwin on his podcast Here’s The Thing about her thoughts on Rihanna’s life choices as a role model.  Those are some pretty big words – I wonder if Rihanna will respond?





Is David Beckham’s Son Following In His Footsteps?


Someone here is looking mighty handsome… and English! Soccer superstar David Beckham was spotted out and about in London, England on Wednesday afternoon.

David’s eldest son, Brooklyn, had a trial at Chelsea’s Cobham training ground yesterday, perhaps opening the door for the 13 year-old Beckham to someday play in the Premier League. And from what we’re hearing, David was in attendance proudly watching his son. Could this mean that Brooklyn is looking to follow in his dad’s footsteps? Let’s hope so as this family is full of talent and potential!

In the meantime, here are some pics of David that I’m sure are going to make your day. You’re welcome.


Photos via FameFlynet


Is Kanye West A Superhero Or Just Really Cold?


Ok, now THIS is the look, LOL! Rapper Kanye West was spotted wearing a bright red ski mask as he headed to the Martin Margiela Fashion show as part of Paris Fashion Week in the French capital on Wednesday afternoon.

We can’t help but ask, why the mask, Kanye? Is his face uber sensitive to the cold? Perhaps he’s going to rob a bank on his way to the show? Or is Kanye trying to hide his true identity as he becomes a masked vigilante – embarking on a new crime fighting chapter in his life? Whatever the case, we’re sure baby mama Kim Kardashian had something to say about this! LOL. Check out our photos below.


Photos via FameFlynet


Elisabetta Canalis Debuts New Underwear Line In Milan


All you need to do is date George Clooney for a few months and BOOM you have a permanent place in the rotary of celebs on gossip blogs on the internet. It’s just that easy, LOL. Italian television presenter and model Elisabetta Canalis was spotted debuting her new line of underwear in Milan, Italy on Wednesday afternoon.

The new line, called “Lomar,” for now will only be sold in Italy. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to get a paycheck these days, right? Plus, Elisabetta looks gorgeous in these pics. Check them out below and let us know what you think.


Photos via FameFlynet