Jessica Simpson’s Parents, Joe & Tina, Prepare For Divorce War

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Jessica Simpson’s parents, Joe and Tina Simpson, are gearing up for a divorce battle, if this story is accurate. Tina filed for divorce after 35 years of marriage in Texas. Despite managing both Jessica and Ashley Simpson’s careers, Joe apparently is angling for more money from Tina. Tina’s reportedly offered him $100 million of her $300 million fortune, but Joe wants a more equitable settlement. A source said:

“Joe’s desperate to get his hands on the pot of gold and is pushing his lawyers to move the case to Los Angeles. Texas is both a fault and a no-fault divorce state, so he’s concerned that Tina may be favored by a judge there, after all she was the one that filed and is seemingly the wronged party.

“So, by moving the divorce to California, which is a no-fault divorce state only, Joe thinks he will likely get more sympathetic treatment and hopefully a larger chunk of Tina’s wealth. Joe wants a more even distribution of the wealth. Tina has already offered him a settlement of around $100 million, but Joe is holding out for even more.”

My question is: how come Tina has so much more money than Joe?