Which Star’s Parents Are At War Over Reality TV Show? (Celeb Blind Item)

celebrity blind item

When you stop and think about this, the answer’s actually not that hard to guess. This definitely goes against other recent stories, however. Here are the deets:

We’ve talked about the strategy of casting reality shows before, and we have another story for you.

A certain Star’s Parent 1 wanted to do a reality show. Frankly, the only reason any producer would be remotely interested in Parent 1 is because they share the last name of the Star.

Well, Star’s Parent 2 found out about this, and quickly convinced the Star that Parent 1 is being incredibly selfish, and that it would be much smarter for the Star themselves to do a reality show – without Parent 1-  to bolster their own popularity (which has admittedly waned over the years). Parent 2′s argument is that if a big audience really gets to know the Star as intelligent, likable, dedicated and serious about their career, it will be much easier for Star to get back on track toward being famous for their talent, rather than their off-screen antics.

Although the Star initially didn’t like the idea at all, they are now warming up to it. Without telling Parent 1, Star and Parent 2 started negotiating on behalf of the Star. The producers of the show are thrilled, but Parent 1 is absolutely furious, and has engaged in more than one screaming match with Parent 2 over it. Parent 1 can’t believe that their authority and influence is being usurped, and that they have been completely undermined by Parent 2. Meanwhile, Parent 2 is telling friends that they are now in control of the Star, and that they will make a decision about the reality show by next Friday. By the way, the Star is an adult, not a child.

Take a guess, and then check out the reveal! Surprised? Not surprised?

– Item from Blind Gossip