Ashley Greene Works Up A Sweat

Ashley Greene Gets Sweaty At The Gym

I don’t know about you, but when I leave the gym I don’t look anywhere as good as Ashley Greene does!  The Twilight actress was seen leaving her Studio City gym today and even though she’s just leaving her workout she looks great!

We haven’t seen much of Ashley since Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 hit the theatres but she does have a few projects in the works so far this year.  It’s kind of weird that the whole Twilight saga is done now – for so long we’ve always had a new movie to look forward to!  I wonder if Ashley misses it too?



Selena Gomez Indulges In Some Retail Therapy With Friends

Exclusive... Selena Gomez Shops In Beverly Hills With Friends

Looks like Selena Gomez was in need of a bit of retail therapy today and nothing makes shopping better than shopping with girlfriends!  The actress, who recently broke up with her long time boyfriend Justin Bieber, was spotted out in Beverly Hills today with some girlfriends enjoying a fun girls day out.

Selena looked totally cute in black leggings, a long sleeved shirt, oversized scarf and hat.  If the singer is upset since her breakup with the pop superstar she definitely hasn’t shown it. She’s even rumoured to have gotten close with one of her Monte Carlo co-stars.   Selena will be busy soon enough anyway with her movie ‘Spring Breakers scheduled to hit theatres soon.  I’m sure that will keep her mind off the breakup.



Celebs Walk The Red Carpet For The UK Premiere Of ‘I Give It A Year’

'I Give It A Year' - UK Premiere

Minnie Driver, Rose Byrne and Simon Baker were all on hand to walk the red carpet for the UK premiere of their upcoming movie ‘I Give It A Year‘.  Minnie, who has been seen doing the promotional rounds in London, looked gorgeous in a long fitted black Lorena Sarbu gown while Rose opted for simple pink Balenciaga dress.

The movie is about a pair of newlyweds and their trials and tribulations they endure during their first year as a married couple.  I haven’t heard much about this movie in the States but hopefully it will make it’s way here soon enough.



Jenna Dewan Bumps Around The City

Jenna Dewan And Her Baby Bump Head To The Salon

Nothing like a baby bump to make you a target of the paparazzi!  I wonder if Jenna Dewan-Tatum is used to having her picture taken so much now? The actress and wife of the Sexiest Man Alive has definitely become a lot more high profile now that she’s announced her pregnancy.

Jenna doesn’t seem to mind the extra attention now though, and was all smiles as she was spotted heading to yoga and then to the salon today in Hollywood.  She also seems to have ‘popped’ recently too, don’t you think?  She is definitely one of Hollywood’s hottest pregnant stars right now!



Quote Of The Day: Nicole Sullivan Calls Out Jessica Alba On Her Baby Weight Loss


“I would flip through celeb magazines…and I just couldn’t get how these moms like Jessica Alba lost so much weight so quickly—and yet I couldn’t. They all lie and say, ‘Oh, I lost the weight running after the kids or breastfeeding.’ It’s not true!”

– Finally, someone telling the truth about how it is! Actress Nicole Sullivan, who is a Jenny Craig Ambassador is finally calling out the other celebrity moms about their usually fast and rapid weight loss after they give birth to their kids. I mean, we all know what it’s really like, right ladies?

Christian Bale Makes A Very Special Phone Call


There is no denying that while Christian Bale might have his anger management issues, he is a great guy after all (and a hot one, too!) The actor made a special phone call to a Batman fan in hospital with leukemia.

Christian – who plays the superhero in Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight‘ trilogy – made eight-year-old Zach Guillot’s dreams come true when he called the youngster in Seattle, Washington, and asked him about his interest in the DC Comic book character.

In a heart-warming video posted on YouTube, Zach can be seen sat in his hospital bed holding a mobile phone and talking to Christian, who asks him: “So tell me about yourself?”

Zach replies: “Well, I can’t really explain it …”, to which his mother responds by prompting her son to tell the actor about his younger brother believing he is the real Batman.

Laughing at the statement, Christian asked: “Oh really? You are?”

Zach explained: “I have my own little Batmobile made out of cardboard, I’ve got the real mask and everything.”

Christian replied: “Oh that’s fantastic. You know what? I had to give mine back. They wouldn’t let me keep mine. You’re lucky you get to have one and run around and tell people you are Batman.”

The Welsh actor – who is father to seven-year-old Emmeline with wife Sibi Blazic – has reached out to young cancer victims before when he flew four-year-old Jayden Barber and his family out to Disneyland in California for lunch last September, and this time round Christian encouraged Zach to keep dressing up as his favourite superhero so he could make people “happy” and spread good will into the world

He said: “Anybody can be Batman. Anybody can be as strong as that, and help people and put good out into the world.It makes us all so happy, so thank you for doing that for us. Thanks for carrying the torch and keepin’ on playing Batman, OK?”

Oh, I am so melting right now. Christian, you can rant and yell all you want on your film sets, because this here is what really defines you as a person. And you are awesome.


Photos via FameFlynet


Joanna Krupa Attends The Bohoboco Fashion Show


I’ll be the first one to admit here that generally I’m not a big fan of housewives, but Joanna Krupa is looking drop dead gorgeous in these pics here. The Real Housewives of Miami star and Polish beauty was on hand at the Bohobocco Fashion Show in Warsaw, Poland on Wednesday evening.

I love everything about her look here: the hair, the dress, everything! She looks so stylish, yet feminine. Now if only she would work on her attitude on the show, she would be a full package, right? In my opinion, all of those Real Housewives shows bring out the ugly in people. Joanna, less on the drama and more on the style, please!


Photos via FameFlynet