Beyonce Is Now A Blogger With The BeyHive!

Beyonce and Jay-Z Have Dinner in NYC

While people are still buzzing about the Inauguration and whether or not Beyonce lip-synced the National Anthem (the consensus seems to be that the singer did, indeed, lip-sync), Beyonce is moving on. She has a new blog on her website called ‘The BeyHive.’ It’s a weekly post where Beyonce will share her thoughts and things she finds inspirational. Beyonce explained in a statement:

“The BeyHive Blog is my way of showing all the inspiring things I come across every single day. This is through my eyes. So many of you are making videos, painting -I want to show the world what you do and how much I appreciate you.”

Beyonce also has a section called: “Hotlinks: What I’m reading, doing, loving wearing, hearing” where she lists things she’s come across during the past week. Will you be checking out The BeyHive?






  1. Mizzy says

    No. I don’t care what Beyonce has to say.
    Besides, if she really wants to give credit where credit is due, maybe she should just admit that a GHOST WRITER will be posting under her name. Celebrities NEVER write their own stuff, and for good reason! I’m not even sure Beyonce has a HS degree or equivalent.