Fashion Trends Through The Decades



The good people at Display Fix did a retrospective of fashion throughout the decades. This goes from the 1920s through the 2000s. Looking at this, it makes it clear that fashion truly does recycle. Remember the flourescent colors of the 80s? Remember the grunge look of the 90s? Oh goodness. Those are some pictures I would happily put away forever. Which styles did you like?

Check out the Display Fix predictions for what’s coming back in. I can see curly hair coming back in: the super-straight flat-ironed look has been around for a while. Modified shoulder pads wouldn’t surprise me: they help a lot of women bring things back into proportion. I can see the platform trainers; I was looking at shoes this past weekend, and platforms aren’t going anywhere. Even the shell suit I can see. But the poodle skirt? I’ll believe that one when I see it.