Jennifer Lopez Ready To Draw On Her Pain For Her Art

'Parker' Las Vegas Premiere

Jennifer Lopez knows how to make lemons out of lemonade. She said her split from Marc Anthony was painful, but she feels the pain from her split will only enhance her acting. Jennifer explained:

“I think I am now ready to really work as an actress. Maybe because I’m different now. I’ve suffered some experiences lately. These last years I’ve had to face life. The truth is, that must be it. To be a great actress you must live through difficult times in order to feel it and remember that pain.”

Jennifer director for ‘Parker,’ Taylor Hackford (who’s wife is Helen Mirren), was impressed with his star’s acting ability.

“Jennifer’s wonderful in this. I’ve known her. After I did a couple of drafts, I called her. The action’s set in Palm Beach, and, since Florida’s really Latin America, who’s better than Jennifer? Her work knocked me out. There’s moments in other projects that I knew were not great. Give an actor notes, best he’ll give you is 25 per cent. Give Lopez notes, and she gives you 100 percent. Helen loved her in it.”

Did you see ‘Parker’? It didn’t have the best box office performance, but word of mouth could raise its rankings in the coming weeks!