Judge To Lindsay Lohan: “I’m Glad To See You’re Feeling Better”

Lindsay Lohan is seen arriving at a Los Angeles court

All other things being equal, it could have been worse for Lindsay Lohan in court this morning. These pictures are of Lindsay and Dina Lohan making their way into the courthouse. Judge Sautner said she was only hearing the case because the commissioner assigned the case was unable to hear it, but the case would ultimately end up being transferred to a new judge. The judge couldn’t resist taking one dig at Lindsay, telling her:

“I’m glad to see you’re feeling better.”

Mark Heller attempted to build on their New York connection, asking the judge about her past as a New York City police detective. The judge said that was “another life” and added “flattery will get you nowhere.” But ultimately, Lindsay walked out of the courthouse (and not on her way to prison), so if I were Lindsay, I’d be feeling pretty good today!


Photos by STS/WENN