Lindsay Lohan Scared Straight… To LA For Court

Lindsay Lohan arrives at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Lindsay Lohan hadn’t planned on appearing in court this morning before Judge Stephanie Sautner, despite being ordered to personally appear. Her new attorney, Mark Heller, submitted a doctor’s note saying Lindsay was suffering from an upper respiratory infection and couldn’t fly (along with a January 11 article from the New York Post talking about New York City’s flu epidemic- I kid you NOT). The problem? TMZ posted pictures of Lindsay shopping and smoking the day she supposedly was examined by the doctor and deemed too ill to travel. The website claimed the judge could issue a bench warrant for Lindsay’s arrest if she didn’t accept her excuse.

When Lindsay read TMZ’s story, she reportedly “went into a panic.” So she and Dina Lohan booked the last flight out of New York to LA. At least Lindsay and Dina flew first class. As you can see from these pictures, they made it to LAX safe and sound. Lindsay also reportedly is “pleading with” Shawn Holley to represent her again, but Shawn is said to want no parts of the case anymore. If the judge doesn’t accept Mark as Lindsay’s new attorney, however, then she could order Shawn to stay on the case.

The latest chapter in Lindsay’s court saga will begin at 8:30 am PT this morning…


Photos by David Durocher/WENN