Nicole Richie Hits The Gym


Yes, I know, the irony of us posting a Nicole Richie story right after a Paris Hilton one. Ten years ago they were the best of friends and now they live such different lives that they barely know each other. While Paris is living it up in Barcelona, Nicole was spotted hitting the gym in West Hollywood, Calif. on Wednesday afternoon.

The fashion maven and mother-of-two looked both calm and casual in her workout clothes as the paparazzi snapped her making her way to her car. If you don’t believe that people can’t make a total 360 in their lives, all you need to do is look at Nicole. She definitely isn’t the same person she was during her reality show days and is definitely a respected name in the celebrity world these days. Check out our photo gallery below and let us know what you think!


Photos via FameFlynet




  1. madd says

    It’s more like a total 180, because making a 360 would mena that she’s back at the exact same place …