No Room At The Inn For Lindsay Lohan & Dina Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Arrives At Court

Lindsay Lohan and her mother, Dina, surely feel like they can’t catch a break right now. TMZ reports that after they arrived in LA in the early morning hours today, they tried to find a hotel room. The first hotel Lindsay and Dina went to, Shutters on the Beach, flat-out refused to give them a room. Apparently, Lindsay is blackballed there after trashing a room in 2007. OUCH.

Then Lindsay and Dina tried to get a room at the Loews Hotel. They were turned away there, too. Loews said they had no rooms available. Seriously? On a weekday evening in January? TMZ stopped following Lindsay and Dina after that, so it’s unclear where they ended up. If Lindsay rolls out of her car a little wrinkled when she arrives in court this morning, however, then we’ll know why.