Which Actress Is About To Hit Rock Bottom Again? (Celeb Blind Item)

celebrity blind item

I think I can actually guess this one! See if you can from the goss:

We don’t know if we would call this dark-haired film actress over the hill, but she certainly is acting as if she is desperate for attention.

She still looks good on the outside, but she is a mess on the inside. She tries to party and date like she is still in her twenties. However, since she is long past her twenties, it doesn’t read as fun and wild and carefree. It reads as desperate and sad and a little scary.

You never know if she is clean or messed up. Well, right now she is messed up. She is back into the same things that landed her in trouble before. Her inability to stay sober is definitely contributing to her current lack of projects. Neither her kid/s nor her ex/es have any control over her. All they can do is wait for her to hit bottom. Again. A few more good nights of partying are all it should take.

Any guesses?

– Item from Blind Gossip