Lindsay Lohan Legal Issues Continue

Lindsay Lohan at Dan Tana's restaurant

Lindsay Lohan may have dodged a bullet (specifically, jail) yesterday in court, but the legal drama is FAR from over. At least this time Lindsay is the plaintiff. She filed a $1.1 million lawsuit against 6126 Collection. Lindsay teamed up with them to sell leggings a few years ago. Now she claims she owns the copyright to the name. Lindsay’s gotta do something to clear up her debt, I guess.

In these pictures, Lindsay had dinner with her new attorney, Mark Heller, at Dan Tana’s restaurant. One thing the judge said yesterday should have left Lindsay with a bad taste in her mouth: even if Lindsay is acquitted of lying to police in the criminal case, she could still be found guilty of parole violation because the burden of proof for parole violation is much lower. So Lindsay is still in very real danger of serving time in jail. But for last night, at least, Lindsay was still free, and she even had a place to sleep! The famous Beverly Hills Hotel was willing to let Dina Lohan and Lindsay stay there.


Photos by WENN