Nicky Hilton In Beverly Hills


Nicky Hilton In Beverly Hills

When was the last time we saw socialite and designer Nicky Hilton out and about? I don’t even know if it is the 80’s or the 90’s that are back in fashion anymore, but this sort of seems to be a little of both. Never the less, I am loving Nicky’s choice of black leather jacket, hightop sneakers and plaid shirt she wore while out in Beverly Hills today.

According to CTV News, in all things Hilton News, a judge sentenced “Bling Ring” member Courtney Leigh Ames to three years of supervised probation after she received one of Nicky’s sister Paris’ stolen jackets.

If you remember back in 2009, Nicky’s home was burglarized just like several other young celebs homes at the time… and they were all rumored to be at the hands of the Bling Ring.


Photos via Wenn


  1. KittyMeow says

    She lives in NY now, according to Paris’ tweets. That’s why we don’t see much of her anymore. :(

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