Channing Tatum Parties Super Bowl Weekend In NOLA

Channing Tatum Gets Into The Mardi Gras Spirit!

Channing Tatum is at the guy’s version of Disney World this weekend! Here’s the ‘Side Effects‘ star partying in New Orleans (a.k.a. NOLA) for Super Bowl weekend. Channing looks like he got in on the Mardi Gras fun, too, yesterday. He looks like he’s having fun tossing those infamous beads off the balcony.

It looks like Channing’s enjoying a guy’s weekend in the Big Easy. On one hand, I can see Jenna Dewan-Tatum not wanting to be around the (likely) drunken revelry taking place right now, since she’s pregnant. But between Mardi Gras, the Super Bowl, and the fine dining (MY favorite aspect of New Orleans), I bet Jenna could’ve found something to do. She’s probably enjoying peace and quiet at home.