Dina Lohan Wants Lindsay To Settle Down And Have Babies

Lindsay Lohan Arrives At Court

Oh, it just gets better and better with these two everyday, doesn’t it? While it doesn’t seem like Lindsay Lohan is quite there in getting her life on track just yet, Dina Lohan is already thinking about seeing her daughter get married and have babies so she can finally becoming a grandmother and babysit. And no, I didn’t just make all of that up. Here’s what she says during an interview with Mario Lopez on “Extra”:

On the subject of Max, Mario asked about the rumored relationship between Max from “The Wanted” and Lindsay, “Okay, speaking of Max, that’s a good segway, Lindsay’s been hanging out with Max of “The Wanted.” Dina, “I can’t go there, that’s personal, but yes he’s lovely.” Dina went on to admit, “They are very good friends, he’s a sweetheart.”

As for what Dina would like Lindsay to do in the future, Mario asked, “Would you like to see Lindsay married with kids?” Dina says, “Yes! I just want to babysit.”

Moving a little too fast there, huh Dina? Here’s hoping Lindsay can get and stay sober before she even THINKS about getting pregnant.


Photos via FameFlynet