AnnaSophia Robb Brings Carrie Bradshaw Back To TV

AnnaSophia Robb Films 'The Carrie Diaries' In NYC

Have you been watching The Carrie Diaries?!  I totally wanted to start watching this show after I saw the trailer, but of course I’ve missed it each time it’s been on.  I have recorded it though so I’m hoping to catch up soon because I’ve heard it’s amazing!

Anna Sophia Robb was spotted filming for The Carrie Diaries out in NYC of course today looking every bit a young Carrie Bradshaw!  I think I want to watch this show just for the fashion alone. Look at that outfit!  That’s just awesome!

If you’ve watched the show let me know if I should be catching up on my recorded episodes!



Rihanna Heads To Court To Support Chris Brown

Rihanna & Chris Brown Head To Court Together

Chris Brown just can’t seem to stay out of trouble, can he?  The singer has been accused of lying about his community service hours and was scheduled to appear in court today in LA.  On-again girlfriend Rihanna was on hand to lend him some moral support.

Both Rihanna and Chris were spotted leaving Brown’s home today en route to the courthouse.  Rihanna has finally confirmed that she and Brown are back together and insists that things are ‘different’ this time.  Well, I hope for her sake she’s right.  It doesn’t really seem to me like them getting back together is a good idea, but I guess that’s her decision!




What Baby Bump?

Kim Kardashian Eats For Two In The Valley

Kim Kardashian is totally at that stage in pregnancy where sometimes she looks like she has a baby bump and other times you wouldn’t be able to tell she’s pregnant!  The reality starlet, who recently tweeted out a picture of her baby bump proclaiming that she’s ‘popped’ was spotted looking fabulous and baby bump-less in Sherman Oaks today.

I know, I know, you can kind of see her baby bump, especially when you get a side shot, but she still looks really great.  It does look like she’s wearing much lower heels than the normal stilettos that she usually wears though.  Pretty soon she’ll realize that flats will be her best friend!



Did Brandi Glanville Cheat First?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season Three  Premiere Party Red Carpet

Brandi Glanville has been doing the publicity circuit to promote her new book, and she definitely hasn’t shied away from talking about the affair her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian had with LeAnn Rimes.  But now it seems like Brandi wasn’t so innocent herself, or someone wants to get even, because Us Weekly is reporting that Brandi was the one who cheated first!

According to the mag, ‘several sources’ claim that Glanville cheated on Cibrian “several times during their eight-year marriage. In one particularly shocking incident, Glanville had sex with another man in her bedroom just six weeks after the birth of son Jake, now 5.”

Of course you know that Brandi has something to say about this, and she took to her twitter account to set the record straight, saying;

Apparently I cheated on eddie a few times with some Hot guys!Wow!Grasping at straws 4 yrs later a week before book is out#WISHIHAD watev


I had the baby blues after Jake was born I wasnt even hav n sex with EC let alone anyone else.Such BS but I kind of want to buy the mag now


Im reading us weekly & im laughing out loud, eddie was broken up wen I met him,I never kissed Rick Fox, Ive never slept with harry.Come on!

Wow, I wonder if anyone in this crazy love triangle is worrying about the kids here? There seems to be a whole lot of dirty laundry being aired and there are two young boys who are going to hear all about this at some time.  Maybe Brandi and LeAnn should both just stop already!




Conan O’Brien Goes For A Bicycle Ride


So this is how he stays in great shape! Funny man Conan O’Brien was spotted going for a bike ride while he was out and about in Brentwood, Calif. on Wednesday morning.

To be honest, I never knew Conan was so serious about bicycling, but it looks like it’s part of his daily workout routine. Hey, whatever keeps you going, right? As long as he stays on the right side of traffic, it’s all good, LOL. And yes, we are totally aware that today’s post have mostly been hot men in suits, hot men in their underwear, and hot men in spandex. All we need now is hot men dancing in the rain and our day would be complete, LOL.


Photos via FameFlynet

David Beckham Is In His Underwear Again For H&M


There’s nothing like a photo gallery of David Beckham in his underwear to brighten your day, right? LOL. Well, the British hottie is at it once again in his latest advertisement campaign for the Swedish retail brand. Ok, you can stop smiling like that now!

But seriously, these never get old, right? I can spend my entire afternoon flipping through this gallery of David (with Madonna’s ex-husband, Guy Ritchie) all day long. Also, I think I am going to take up tennis, too, because you never know when a hot soccer player might run through the court with nothing but his underwear on. You never know people, you never know! It’s best to be on alert at ALL times. Haha!



Marc Atlan Profile / Copyright © 2012, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, all rights reserved.

David Beckham for H&M Bodywear / Copyright © 2013, Photo Nick Hudson

David Beckham for H&M Commercial “Behind the Scenes” / Director: Guy Ritchie Copyright © 2013, Photo Nick Hudson

Beyonce’s PR Team Asks Website To Pull Down “Unflattering Pics” Of The Star From Their Site

Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show

Depending on who you might have asked, Beyonce was the reason why the lights went out during the Super Bowl on Sunday night, but we all know it was the Illuminati at play there, right? LOL.

Well, while the chart topper might be on top of the world right now since everyone is still raving about her awesome performance, it looks like her team isn’t too happy about some “unflattering pics” that have been posted on some sites after her concert. You can check out the pictures here. Apparently, Buzzfeed put together a list of photos from her Sunday Super Bowl performance called “The 33 Fiercest Moments From Beyoncé’s Halftime Show,” and were promptly hit up by Bey’s publicist with a request to remove seven images.

Hmm.. what do you guys think? Are the pics really THAT BAD?


Photos via FameFlynet