David Beckham Is In His Underwear Again For H&M


There’s nothing like a photo gallery of David Beckham in his underwear to brighten your day, right? LOL. Well, the British hottie is at it once again in his latest advertisement campaign for the Swedish retail brand. Ok, you can stop smiling like that now!

But seriously, these never get old, right? I can spend my entire afternoon flipping through this gallery of David (with Madonna’s ex-husband, Guy Ritchie) all day long. Also, I think I am going to take up tennis, too, because you never know when a hot soccer player might run through the court with nothing but his underwear on. You never know people, you never know! It’s best to be on alert at ALL times. Haha!



Marc Atlan Profile / Copyright © 2012, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, all rights reserved.

David Beckham for H&M Bodywear / Copyright © 2013, Photo Nick Hudson

David Beckham for H&M Commercial “Behind the Scenes” / Director: Guy Ritchie Copyright © 2013, Photo Nick Hudson