Jessica Chastain Is A Working Actress

Jessica Chastain Arriving To Play 'The Heiress'

Jessica Chastain is back at work! Here’s the ‘Zero Dark Thirty‘ star heading into the theater for another performance of her Broadway play, ‘The Heiress.’ I’m still touched by Jessica’s Golden Globe acceptance speech, where she talks about how she fought and struggled “for years” to make it as an actress. She’s living her dream right now. I’m really rooting for her at the Academy Awards.

I’m loving Jessica’s jacket, too. Yesterday I was looking at some pictures for spring coats. I haven’t gotten a new spring coat in a few years. It’s time, I think. When it comes to coats, my goal is to get something more on the classic side that’s high quality. I invest, so I don’t want it to look dated by 2014! Do you buy spring coats or just make do with winter ones until it warms up for summer?


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