JULIANNE HOUGH: ‘Safe Haven’ Star Takes Flight At LAX

Julianne Hough Catches A Flight Out Of LAX

Julianne Hough was spotted catching a flight out of LAX. My first thought was Julianne was flying out for a NYC premiere for her movie, ‘Safe Haven,’ with Josh Duhamel. She surely wouldn’t be flying to the east coast yesterday, however. I doubt Julianne could have flown into NYC even if she wanted to: thousands of flights were cancelled yesterday due to Nemo.

Perhaps Julianne was flying abroad? Nicholas Sparks’ novels do well as film adaptations. I’m sure ‘Safe Haven’ will have a UK premiere, at the very least. Are you excited about seeing ‘Safe Haven’? I’ll “out” myself now and admit I don’t read Nicholas Sparks’ books, but he’s a bestseller, so clearly he has a lot of fans!