BRUCE WILLIS Looking Suave For GQ

bruce willis gq cover march 2013

Can you believe Bruce Willis has a new ‘Die Hard’ movie coming out? I’m looking forward to both ‘A Good Day to Die Hard‘ and ‘Red 2.’ Bruce opened up to GQ about his acting career and plans. Here are some excerpts.

on his advice to actors: “I recently heard one of my fellow actors say it in three words: ‘Just shut up.’ Just go silent. Maybe it’s being older; maybe that’s just a tiny tag of wisdom, that you’ve got to think about something before you say something. I once thought that somehow, with this job, also comes the inherent right to say whatever the f**k I want regardless of whether I’m right or wrong or think that anybody needs to hear it or should hear it.”

…on never being nominated for an Oscar: “I don’t think about it too much. It just always has seemed whimsical to me, to think about it. You don’t get an Oscar for comedy, and you don’t get it for shooting people. You get it for novelty, of being fascinating to watch in some character role. But the Die Hard stuff and Dirty Harry are all fraught with the same thing that every story is fraught with.”

…on the parallels between Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson, and himself:
GQ: Maybe you’re going to punch me in the face for saying this, but I’ve noticed some pretty interesting parallels here, between you and Clint Eastwood and the arcs of your careers: You both started on TV shows; then, while on hiatus from the shows, you both shot movies that made your careers.
BW: I did not know that.

…on his sobriety: “I had been sober [for a while]. But once I realized that I wasn’t gonna run myself off the pier of life with alcohol, drinking vodka out of the bottle every day… I have wine now, mostly when I eat.”

…on maybe trying out theater: “I’d like to go and do theater. It seems like a more reasonable job, more manageable.”

…on future plans and if he’d pursue politics:
GQ: There is the image of “Bruce Willis,” but what will resonate with people who read this interview is that you’re not John McClane. It’s more like “Hey, guess what, kids? I’m a 57-year-old guy, and it doesn’t matter if you’re making movies or working in an office, you wonder about your life. Your purpose.” That’s the eternal unifier here.
BW: Yes. And nobody wants to hear this bad news, but we’re all dying on some level. I’m going to try to keep the machine moving forward as much as possible and not have to think about the eventuality of becoming more frail and less able to do the work. I know that I’m not going into politics. That’s not an option. I was asked, and I said, “Did you hear any of the stuff about me when I was a kid?”

LOL! You can read Bruce’s entire interview in the March issue of GQ, which hits newsstands on February 19.

Photo by Mario Testino / GQ