‘The Client List’ Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Lifetime's 'The Client List' Valentine's Day Event at Mel's Diner

The Client List‘ made good use of Valentine’s Day yesterday with an event at Mel’s Diner in LA. Jennifer Love-Hewitt attended, as did her co-star Loretta Devine. As you can see in the gallery, Jennifer was joined by a group of cute guys, too, wearing ‘The Client List’ t-shirts. Sounds like Mel’s Diner wasn’t a bad place to be yesterday afternoon if you didn’t already have a Valentine (or even if you do- LOL).

Yesterday Jennifer sacrificed comfort for style. Check out those stilettos she’s wearing! My feet hurt just looking at them. But you have to admit, those boots are fab. I might sacrifice comfort, too, to wear those somewhere. It couldn’t be a lengthy event, however.


Photos by Apega/FayesVision/WENN

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