TOM CRUISE $50 Million Defamation Lawsuit Gets Nasty: Suri’s Mental State Questioned

Tom Cruise Whisks Suri Out Of New York In A Helicopter

Oh, things are taking a nasty turn here in Tom Cruise’s $50 million defamation lawsuit. Tom is suing Life & Style and In Touch Weekly (both owned by Bauer Media) for defamation after they published stories saying Tom had “abandoned” Suri after his divorce from Katie Holmes. Bauer Media is saying their stories were “substantially true.” Yesterday each side presented their list of information they want from the other.

Bauer Media isn’t backing down. They’re requesting: (1) an accounting of Suri’s mental and emotional state following Tom and Katie’s separation and divorce (YIKES), (2) Tom’s work, travel and social schedule during the time period around the stories’ publication, (3) a record of Tom’s communication with Suri since the separation, (4) a history of his separations from Suri since her birth. (5) information about how Scientology influenced Tom’s communication and visitation with Suri, and (6) Tom’s litigation history.

Tom’s legal team wants to know: (1) the policies about publishing stories about Tom, Suri and Scientology, (2) how articles about Tom were chosen for publication, and (3) the identities of everyone involved in articles about Tom. Something tells me Bauer Media’s request for information about Suri’s mental and emotional state may end this very quickly: they could request Suri be evaluated by a mental health professional for that information! (And that’s probably the idea behind the request.) But Tom does have a history of actually winning judgments against publications, so who knows?