KIM KARDASHIAN Divorce Trial Date Set

Kim Kardashian Leaves LA, Heads to Nigeria

Kim Kardashian was pushing for a March trial date for her divorce from Kris Humphries. Kris, who’s California attorney recently requested to be removed from the case, wanted another delay. The judge decided Kris had had enough time to prepare, but the earliest trial date available was May. So May is when Kim and Kris will finally head to court. In  the meantime, Kim is jetting off to Nigeria.

Something tells me Kris won’t get the annulment he wanted, but at least he can put this whole fiasco behind him. I’m not at all surprised at the idea Kim went ahead with the wedding knowing full well she didn’t want to marry Kris, but I can also see where there’s no proof that would meet a legal standard to prove fraud, either. Kris has learned a tough lesson to really consider the entire situation before doing something as serious as marrying someone. And you know what they say about karma…