VICTORIA BECKHAM Hamburger Break With The Kids


See, for those of you who thought otherwise, Victoria Beckham DOES eat! LOL. The fashionista was spotted taking her kids out for a quick lunch Byron Hamburgers in Westfield in London, England on Wednesday afternoon.

It seems like the paparazzi just can’t keep up with the Beckham family these days – one day their in Paris, and the next day their back at home in the British capital. I wonder if the kids are going to be taking French lessons anytime soon? I’m sure they’re going to need it sooner or later!

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Photos via FameFlynet




  1. YAYI says

    Of course she does, I mean, look at that big juicy burger she’s devouring. See people, this is what you call a natural beauty. No starvation here to maintain this figure, this woman just doesn’t care when it comes to eating Lol.