LEANN RIMES: Is The Country Singer Set To Become A ‘Real Housewife?’

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Whoa! Now this is a show I would definitely tune in for!  It seems that Brandi Glanville might be getting some not so welcome company on the set of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, if the producers over at BRAVO have their way!

According to RadarOnline, producers at BRAVO are trying desperately to get Brandi’s nemesis, LeAnn Rimes, to join the cast.  Well this would definitely spice things up on set! According to their source;

“Producers have approached LeAnn multiple times about joining the cast and have been pursuing her even harder in recent weeks.  Viewers are fascinated by Brandi, how she’s dealt with her marriage being broken up by LeAnn, and the pain that continues to cause her and her family.


“Executives at Bravo have told LeAnn that appearing on the show would be a great opportunity for her to get her side of the story out and no longer be seen in a negative light. However, she has continued to shut the offers down, claiming she doesn’t want the added drama in her life, that she has a flourishing music career, and that she just doesn’t need to do a reality television show.”


While I think it would definitely make some must see TV, I’m glad that LeAnn is refusing the offer. I don’t think that she could handle it emotionally, and I think it would be a terrible idea especially since Brandi and Eddie have 2 children together. What do you think?