BRAD PITT Cruising Around Hollywood


While you probably can’t tell, yes, these are indeed pictures of Brad Pitt! The hot Hollywood actor – who doesn’t really spend that much time Stateside – was spotted cruising around West Hollywood, Calif. on Thursday afternoon. Ahhh… it must feel great to be home again!

Since both Angelina Jolie and Brad are in town, I wonder if they are going to attend the Oscars ceremony this weekend? And I also can’t help but wonder if Angie is going to be flashing any leg this year, too! It’ll be interesting to see what she wears if she does attend. What do you guys think?


Photos via FameFlynet




  1. ricky j says

    I love them, but no, VERY doubtful they will go. They never* go unless one or both is nominated. Even when nominated, they have missed a few award shows, which is understandable with 6 kids. I think it is nice for those nominees who have relatives that might not be able to attend bc former winners/nominees fill up the seats.

    *About 10 or so years ago (before being a couple), each of them presented without being nominated once.