JENNIFER ANISTON: Is She Acting Like A Diva On Her New Movie Set?


It looks like Jennifer Aniston might not be that “Friend” you think she is. Rumor has it that the Hollywood actress is acting like a total diva on the set of her new film about Elmore Leonard. Here’s what we’re reading:

“All the actors ride in normal production vans when they head to lunch, but Jen has her own luxury SUV. And not only is Jen’s private trailer miles away from the set, but she heads all the way back there each day to eat her lunch away from everyone else.”

“Her behavior is a clear indicator to everyone that she’s not approachable. And it’s just unnecessary. There’s no reason why she has to act any better than anyone else on that movie set.”

Ugh, I don’t know. Jennifer really doesn’t need to be acting this way, if she indeed is. When was the last time one of her movies was a hit? My point exactly. We love the Jennifer that we know as the bubbly, good girl next door and not the approachable one. Thoughts?


Photos via FameFlynet




  1. YAYI says

    If you got fooled thinking she was “the bubbly, good girl next door and not the approachable one”. Then, I guess she’s a good actress after all. On a second thought, nop, not even. Guess the joke was on you all!

  2. says

    jennifer even if she’s a celebrity, is human like us… she is not a robot expected to smile and talk to everyone all the time…maybe she has a reason if she went to her private trailer and eat alone… i hope the source/insider first approach her before concluding/alleging/speculating she’s a diva.