Now where could these two love birds be headed to? Country crooner Leann Rimes and her husband Eddie Cibrian were spotted arriving on a flight in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday morning.

After having critiqued Oscars fashion this weekend with Piers Morgan, (oh, you missed that, too?), Leann is becoming quite the fashionista herself. That, or she’s just playing around with different styles herself. While I am loving both her jacket and scarf in these pics, I’m not sure what to think about her bangs, though. Oh, and the open toe shoes (who wears open toe shoes during the winter?). Check out our photo gallery below and tell us, are you loving Leann’s travel style… or hating it?


Photos via FameFlynet




  1. sam says

    Love birds? Eddie is cheating on Leann, is sleeping with her friend Lizzy as evidenced by Leann’s new hairstyle, and Leann has been tweeting like crazy for several weeks now. Weren’t they also “spotted” at LAX too. Isn’t this the same pap agency who also “spotted” them at Brandi’s son’s baseball game after Leann tweeted the time she would be at the game with the child? If you want to figure out Leann’s style, just as WHO IS EDDIE SLEEPING WITH. Leann didn’t critigue the fashions. People who watched the show, said she barely spoke at all. Of course people missed it, why do you think Leann has been setting up so many staged photo-ops. Eddie looks drunk. But at least he is there right? If he didn’t attend this concert with Leann, Leann would have had another dental mishap. Leann made several tweets about the airport, just like she made several tweets about Brandi’s son’s baseball game for 3 days. It’s funny that Leann is parading around her walking STD husband. What did she have to pay him?