CHARLIZE THERON Grocery Shopping With Jackson!


OMG! This is just too stinkin’ cute! It was just a few days ago when Charlize Theron basically WOWed the crowd with her goddess-like dress at the Oscars, and now it looks like the actress is back to being in busy mom mode. The South African beauty was spotted doing a little shopping with her adorable 1-year-old son Jackson at a Whole Foods store in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday afternoon.

But seriously, aren’t Charlize and Jackson the CUTEST mommy and son duo ever? I just love these two together! Check out our photo gallery below and let us know what you think.


BEN AFFLECK On His Way To A Ted Event


By now he shouldn’t be surprised that the paparazzi is following him everywhere he goes because after all he’s Hollywood’s latest golden boy (again!). Actor Ben Affleck, who just won an Oscar for his film, “Argo,” was spotted making his way to a TED event with his iPad in his hands while in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday afternoon.

To be honest with you, I kind of miss the bearded Ben. For some reason, I kind of gotten used to it although I’m sure his wife Jennifer Garner was probably thinking, “FINALLY!” when he finally shaved it off after the Oscars. Beard or no bead, Ben is still HOT!


Photos via FameFlynet

KIM KARDASHIAN Meeting In Beverly Hills!


I know that we are supposed to be on a Kim Kardashian baby bump watch here, but let’s be honest for a second: where in the world is that BUMP?!?! She’s about what, 5 or 6 months pregnant now and she still looks the same. I don’t know how she’s doing it, but Kimmy Cakes here is doing a great job of masking that bump from the public.

The future celebrity mama was spotted making her way to a meeting in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Thursday afternoon and of course, she had her game face on, too. Kim seems to be holding up pretty well during this pregnancy with her busy schedule, right? It seems like she never has the time to just sit back and relax with her feet up. I mean, she’s always on the go!


Photos via FameFlynet

HARRY STYLES: The One Directioner Gets Hit By A Shoe Thrown By A Fan! (VIDEO)

One Direction Performing At The O2 Arena

Oh boy!  Poor Harry Styles! Being a part of one of the biggest boy bands in the world might seem like a lot of fun, but it also has it’s risks!  Just ask Harry Styles, who was hit by a flying shoe at a One Direction concert in Glasgow on Tuesday.  And the shoe just happened to hit Harry in a rather unfortunate area of his body:)

Check out the video below of poor Harry dropping to the ground after the whole shoe incident.  It seems like he was a rather good sport about it.  I bet he’ll be watching for flying shoes at all upcoming concerts from now on:)


Photos by FameFlynet UK

CHLOE GRACE MORETZ All Smiles For Her Fans

Chloe Moretz Leaves The Crillon Hotel

Since this week is Paris Fashion Week it is definitely the place to see and be seen.  And it’s a great time for autograph hunters to get some of their fave stars signatures too!  Chloe Grace Moretz is in Paris and was spotted leaving  the Crillon hotel and was more than happy to stop and sign autographs for eager fans.

Not a bad life for a 16 year old!  Chloe is going to be seen soon in the remake of Carrie and also has the sequel to Kick Ass coming up too.  She also has 7 more movies that she’s working on according to IMDB!  Wow, that’s a lot of work for such a young girl!




KIM KARDASHIAN The Reality Star Keeps Her Baby Bump In Shape

Kim Kardashian Heads To The Gym

Kim Kardashian definitely isn’t going to let a little thing like pregnancy keep her from working out!  The expectant reality star has been seen regularly hitting the gym keeping herself in shape throughout her pregnancy.  Keeping up a regular gym routine will also help Kim stay in shape after her daughter is born too.

While we normally see Kim in form fitting gym outfits today she opted for a bit more coverage, wearing an oversized plaid shirt to cover her growing baby bump.  I really really love her aqua coloured shoes too, I need a pair of those!  Leave it to Kim to colour coordinate her shoes with her workout outfit!



FERGIE AND CHER Bond Over Some Shopping

Fergie & Cher Bond Over Paris Shopping

Nothing like a little retail therapy to bring two superstars together!  It’s fashion week in Paris so you know that means that some of the biggest stars will be spotted out and about.  And sometimes even the unlikeliest duo’s will even be spotted out together!

Today, Cher and Fergie did  a little bonding over some shopping.  The two singers, who have both been spotted out separately, spent some quality time together while enjoying all that Paris has to offer.  I think Cher might be the best person ever to shop with – imagine how much fun that would be!