KATE MIDDLETON What Is She Naming Her Daughter?

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I’m going to take this news piece here with a grain of salt, because the Duchess hasn’t even confirmed the sex of her baby yet and there are already people taking bets on what her “daughter’s” name is going to be. Rumor has it that Prince William and Kate MIddleton already have their baby’s name picked out, and it’s what you probably guessed it to be. Here’s what we’re reading from Us Weekly:

The name of their little girl will be (drumroll please…)

Elizabeth Diana Carole, in honor of William’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth! The middle names will also be in tribute of their parents, William’s late mother Princess Diana, and Kate’s mom Carole. Carole is also the Latin variation of the name Charles, and Elizabeth is Kate’s mom’s middle name!

While it sounds rather cute and royal baby-ish (can I even say that? LOL), it’s also very predictable. What do you guys think?


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  1. squeaker says

    Elizabeth? Really? That’s a shocker! I suppose if it was a boy she would named him George. lol Be different! Presenting Queen Rainbow!