DEMI MOORE Pampers Herself

Exclusive... Demi Moore Gets Her Nails Done In Beverly Hills

Demi Moore treated herself to a manicure yesterday in Beverly Hills. Demi’s looking good these days, isn’t she? I’m glad to see her pampering herself a little. Demi hasn’t had the easiest past couple of years.

And it doesn’t look like things are going to get any easier. Demi recently filed her own divorce papers in response to Ashton Kutcher filing for divorce last December. She’s said to be asking for spousal support, and some are speculating that this request is out of revenge since she already has a lot of money. I don’t know if it’s revenge or not. Part of me doesn’t blame Demi even if it is revenge. Ashton’s cheating scandal had to have hurt her. Walking away and living a happy life may be the best revenge, but I can see where that’s a tough thing to do.