LEANN RIMES Meeting And Greeting Her British Fans

FFN_Rimes_LeAnn_flynetuk_031513_51037797-BorderMakerWow! Now I know I don’t say this too often, but Leann Rimes is looking GORGEOUS in these pics here! The country crooner was spotted stopping by the ITV Studios in London, England on Friday afternoon. She even took a few moments to meet and greet with her British fans, too.

In my opinion, Leann’s recent weight gain is doing her a world of good because she looks incredibly healthy and happy. I can’t help but wonder too… is she pregnant? She just has this certain glow about her, doesn’t she?


Photos via FameFlynet




  1. sam says

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest. When Brandi was doing promotions for her book, it was all “woe is Leann”. Now that Leann is on the 6th promotion for her album, it’s nothing but fluff. So why isn’t Leann being slammed the way the media slammed Brandi? Leann doesn’t look GORGEOUS. She looks old. What fans? How is she meeting and greeting fans when these are just photos of her waving to the paps she invited to the event? Glow? Didn’t she tweet yesterday that she had a cocktail at the bar? What glow? So Leann is drinking while pregnant is that what the media is implying?

  2. sam says

    Again FACT CHECKING helps. Either Leann is not pregnant or she is drinking while she is pregnant. This is what Leann tweeted yesterday: “Everything in the bar we are at is mini. I had a “vintage” cocktail in a vintage glass…. “-Leann Rimes

  3. sam says

    Here is another one where she indicates that she is going to be doing some heavy drinking(Leann is not pregnant. She is probably using a surrogate and putting on the weight to hide the fact that she is using a surrogate to have Eddie’s baby.):”I’m looking forward to spending St Patrick’s Day there. I have experienced pubs in London, but never on St Patrick’s Day, so that’s where I will be after the show.”-Leann Rimes