LEANN RIMES And Our Quote Of The Day!

Leann Rimes Spotted Leaving Her Hotel In London
‘I wrote nine of the 13 songs on the record. It’s personal but at the same time I feel like I’m not the only one that has been through what I’ve been through. I’m telling my story. I feel like there’s been a piece of tape over my mouth for a while, you know growing up in this business is a weird way to grow up and you try to please everyone else and this time around I feel like I’ve nothing to lose by telling the truth. And it felt very liberating.’

– So, if I’m reading this correctly, Leann Rimes says that if it weren’t for the entire cheating scandal that happened almost four years ago (and everyone still can’t stop talking about!), she wouldn’t have made such a fantastic album? That’s a weird way to justify that, isn’t it?What do you guys think?


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  1. sam says

    But the major problem is that we have heard Leann tell her story how many times now? What makes this album different from the interviews that she gave to Katie, Giuiliana, Nancy, Leno, Maya, Robin Roberts, Ellen and Jimmy? How hypocritical of Leann because when Brandi was telling her side of the story Leann threw a tantrum taking to twitter telling people that Brandi was lying and then giving false stories about Brandi to US Weekly. Of course Leann is going to justify her album by claiming it’s great music, why not when some media outlets are even refusing to call her out on her lies? Her album is so fantastic that 2 of the songs she released from it FLOPPED. The two songs are not getting airplay or downloads. What Leann finds liberating about this album is that she can use it to taunt Brandi.