BRANDI GLANVILLE “Leann Rimes Needs To Have Her Own Children To Get A Clue”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season Three  Premiere Party Red Carpet

Wait, hold up: I thought Brandi Glanville was supposed to stop talking about Leann Rimes once her book tour was over?? Didn’t she promise her fans that she’d never mention Leann’s name again? Well, it looks like the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is at it again, this time suggesting that Leann will only learn from her own faults after she has her own child and realizes the pain she put Brandi through. Here’s what she says:

“I really want to put this public war with LeAnn and Eddie behind me, and I want to communicate with them privately if they’ll have me. I think we both need to step away from it now. After the book and everything. Put it behind us and move on. Hopefully, they’ll have a child of their own and she’ll understand better what a proper boundary is for a stepmother and a mother.”

It seems like these two ladies just won’t quit, right? Someone needs to pull the plug on their public feud already.


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  1. sam says

    Fact Checking helps. Brandi said that she would stop talking about Leann when her book tour was over. So now the question then becomes is Brandi’s book tour over? No. Brandi’s book tour is not over. She still has events and interviews scheduled. Brandi had to take a break from her book tour because Eddie couldn’t watch his kids because he had to go to London with Leann. What a lowlife. What’s up with the double standards? Leann made an album about how she slept with Brandi’s husband and then gave several interviews about it and rather than call Leann on it she gets praise and depicted as the victim. Brandi the real victim in all of this makes a valid point, which she has every right to do since Leann is still making passive aggressive digs about her on twitter and encouraging her fans to attacking Brandi, and she gets slammed. Why are some people being biased when it comes to Leann, especially when it’s clear that Leann is the bully? This isn’t going to stop until Leann’s enablers stop encouraging her bad behavior towards Brandi.