SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR Stepping Out Solo To Run Some Errands

Sarah Michelle Gellar Out And About In Los Angeles

Sarah Michelle Gellar stepped out solo to run some errands yesterday afternoon. Wherever Sarah went, it looks like she had time for some reading. I’m so used to my ereader know, it’s weird to see people with physical books- LOL. I’m loving that top and lightweight sweater Sarah’s wearing with her jeans.

Sarah is shooting a new pilot this season. It’s called ‘Crazy Ones.’ Sarah stars opposite Robin Williams, and it’s written by David E. Kelley. Deadline Hollywood describes the pilot as:

Crazy Ones is set in the world of advertising and stars Williams as Simon (Williams), the brilliant head of an ad agency working alongside his daughter Sydney (Gellar), the agency’s creative director.

Sounds good. Hopefully it’ll get a green light, and we’ll get to check it out next fall!