Lindsay Lohan Strikes A Plea Deal In Los Angeles

Lindsay Lohan might be enjoying her freedom for now, but hopefully she’ll soon be in a rehab facility getting the help she needs.  According to RadarOnline, the actress’s attorney, Mark Heller has submitted a list of proposedrehab clinics to the court and is vetting them before choosing one that meets their criteria. According to their source;

 “Lindsay’s attorney, Mark Heller, gave a list of of potential rehabs to the Los Angeles City Attorney, Terry White, last week. The prosecutor will personally be calling the facilities to make sure that there is proper security, meaning someone that monitors the whereabouts at all times of the patients.”

“The facility that ends up taking Lindsay needs to notify the court immediately if she leaves the premises, or breaks any rules. The rehab will be fully vetted and researched by White. If Lindsay leaves early, or messes up, she will go straight to jail, no questions asked.”

Here’s hoping that rehab really helps Lindsay turn her life around before it’s too late!