ONE DIRECTION: Fans Will Enjoy Plenty Of ‘Shirtless Moments’ In The New 1D Movie!

One Direction Performing At The O2 Arena

Can you hear that!? That’s the sound of teenage girls everywhere screaming over the boys of One Direction and their upcoming movie!  The boys have been travelling around with filmmaker Morgan Spurlock (he made the documentary Super Size Me) who has been shooting their upcoming 3D movie that’s set to release in August and during a twitter chat the filmmaker revealed what fans can look forward to;

“More shirtless moments than you can imagine, now how many of those make it into the final film we’ll have to wait and see.”

“There have been some really lovely emotional moments that we’ve captured, I think fans may shed a tear or two while watching.”

Oh I’m sure the fans will shed more than a tear or two!  I have a feeling that will be one very, noisy movie theatre!