MADONNA Auctions Off A Valuable Painting For Charity

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I absolutely love when I hear stories of celebrities using their power for good!  Madonna has decided that she is going to sell one of her own personal paintings, called ‘Three Women at the Red Table’ by French artist  Fernand Leger, at Sotheby’s Auction House in NYC on May 7th.  The reason that Madonna is willing to part with the painting that she’s owned for more than 20 years?  To to raise money for educating girls in countries including Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Madonna has said that she wants “to trade something valuable for something invaluable” in countries where education for girls is lacking.  All proceeds from the sale will go directly to Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’ charity.  Madonna is currently in Malawi with her children David and Mercy and she took the kids to visit the orphanage where David lived before Madonna adopted them.

Madonna’s painting is expecting to raise between $5 and $7 million.